Chiropractic is the detection and correction of various problems that occur in the spine and surrounding musculature using hands on treatment. When the proper balance of the bodies structure is off alignment, regions of the spine can get out of place, become locked up which can cause back pain, stiffness and loss of normal motion. Over time, headaches, numbness and sciatic problems can result. By correcting the misaligned area along with the supportive exercises and instruction, patients get relief with out taking medicine or shots. Dr. Vapnek uses several different types of Chiropractic adjustments in his treatment including hands on palmer diversified, gonsted, drop table, activator and Cox decompression. Our goal is to find what is causing the current or chronic problem and establish a treatment that will quickly get the patient feeling better. Once you’re better, we give you the information and support on how to stay that way. Our care is extremely thorough and our results are unmatched.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Dr. Vapnek’s practice different from other chiropractors?
Dr. Vapnek is a highly skilled hands on doctor with a great deal of experience. He believes that massage therapy plays an integral part in speeding up recovery time in his chiropractic care. Therefore, a 15 minute massage is included in every session before the chiropractic adjustment.

How soon will I start feeling better? 
Our goal is to get you feeling better on the first visit and most patients, even in severe pain, report improvement after one treatment.

Is chiropractic treatment painful?
Our style of chiropractic is safe and effective. We use specialized tables and equipment in our office that assist to make care extremely gentle.

Will I become “addicted” to the chiropractor once I start?
No! There is a myth that once you start chiropractic care, you will be forced to return to the chiropractor for the rest of your life. This is indeed untrue! Our goal is to get you feeling better as soon as possible and then teach you how to stay that way.

Will I go broke trying to pay for my chiropractic care?
Our fees are very affordable, even for people with out health insurance. We understand that people may need several visits to resolve their problems so we make the charge for each visit extremely reasonable.




My wife Lisa and I have been patients of Dr. Vapnek’s for 20 + years. Dr. Vapnek is without a doubt one of the finest doctors that we have. I have a host of chronic problems associated with SLE Lupus and Dr. Vapnek has done more for me than can be imagined. Dr. Vapnek is also so very kind and gracious and always takes the time to “really listen” to you vs, what I get at some other doctors. It is also a vital testament to Dr. Vapnek that the core of his staff have been with him for well over a decade, which in the medical field is unheard of these days.
— Paul Murray

I have know Dr. V. for 20+ years He is at the top of his game in the Chiropractic industry. He has kept me in shape for all those years! His team of massage therapist have been with his just as long which is a testament to his business acumen as well as his commitment to help his community feel better!

I still play golf at a very high level thanks to DPV chiropractic ..
— Peter Bisconti